Mission Statement: EMPOWER and EQUIP our children with a rock-solid academic foundation, fortified by a strong sense of self-advocacy, self-confidence, and honorable character traits to lead successful lives.

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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”     Martin Luther King, Jr.


Ivy Liu

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Chairman of the Board, Schuck Communities

Vice Chairman, Colorado State Board of Education, 5th Congressional District

Former President of the Colordado Senate  

CO State Representative, House District 15

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 Radio Host, AM 740 KVOR                  v     Radio Host, AM 740 KVOR          vv           Radio Host, AM 560 KLZ


1776 Project PAC                                                                                                      Pike Peak Assoc of Realtors  

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*As a first-generation immigrant, I richly benefitted from growing up in America, the “Land of Opportunity” for everyone with strong work ethics and can-do attitude. We must instill in our youth these values and honorable character traits.


*As a former Naval Officer, I will always defend the Constitution and American freedoms.


*As a single mother, I raised three beautiful daughters with successful careers and families. Kids from single parent families are not doomed to being “a step behind” the rest of society as dictated by CRT related concepts.  We have a social responsibility to teach our kids “victor” over “victim” mentality.


*We need to teach our children that the only oppression “you will experience in life are those you allow,” and “no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”  


*Parents should partner with schools to ENRICH, EQUIP, and EMPOWER children strong self-advocacy, self-confidence, and honorable character traits to lead successful lives.


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Ross Kaminsky radio interview 9/8/21:


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News on D49 CRT ban by the Gazette!!


News on D49 CRT ban by Fox:


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